A session in Reflexology generally lasts approximately 1 hour and treats the whole person rather than specific symptoms.

FEET REFLEXOLOGY €55 (1 hour) – a holistic treatment on the feet using thumb, finger and hand pressure techniques to rebalance energy levels in the body. Treatment and plan also available for fertility and maternity issues.

FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY €45 (45 min) – a spiritual & holistic treatment on the face including a neck and shoulders massage. It is based on the method developed by Ziggy Bergman, a well renowned Reflexologist, to aid the body to heal itself and promote a healthy glow and appearance.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a treatment of the body through the feet, hands or face by applying pressure using thumbs, fingers and hand techniques. Working on specific points help to relieve tension, induce deep relaxation and encourage the body to heal itself.

It has been practised by ancient cultures such as the early Chinese as a means of promoting good health. In the last century, it was further developed by Western medicine to be more effective and the term reflexology was named by Eunice D. Ingham who divided the feet into zones corresponding to areas within the body.

In the feet, there are over 7,000 nerve endings.

Benefits of Reflexology

– reduces stress, tension, anxiety
– promotes deep relaxation
– removes congestion in energy pathways
– aids in removal of toxins from body
– helps to normalise organ and gland function
– revitalises the body energy
– stimulates blood and lymph circulation
– helps to improves mental alertness and attention span
– promotes restful sleep